Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The watcher

My VHS lot 2 pack of little bear nick jr got a watcher today, my conclusion is that lots may be the way to go, nick jr stuff is probably profitable, 2 may be better than 1. Or someone might just wanna grab 2 VHS for a buck at the last second.

That's all folks.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

bout 3 days left on auction, and some youtube links.

The time is counting down. only a few days now, till im a little bit richer.
was gonna try and promote my site a little bit tonight, however instead i think i'll focus on some on a resource available to a budding thrifter.

Youtube's a great community for finding, and learning from other thrifters, Some I've stumbled have had some incredible tips and ideas.

Heres a few:

Katie Patton

Katie has tons and tons of great thrifting info, and some really good tips on making money. One great idea she mentioneed was hunting down brass bedframes to sell to scrapyards. She shares tons of really great  thrifting, and entrepeneurial ideas.


It's hard to say if he's crazy or genius or both,  Either way pretty informative across a broad range of topics, and at his best he's definately entertaining.

 What resources have you stumbled upon while crawling across the internet?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Another day down and other days left to go.

Watching those pageviews on ebay climb isn't as easy as I had hope, but in my experience the most bids usually come on the last few days. I'm not discouraged, as every failure is something to be learned from, so in short I'm learning tons.

Speaking of learning tons, I've been reading alot of other thrift blogs and have been having a blast learning about their discoveries, theirs a sizable bunch of people that are into thrift, and a very friendly community.

And now for something interesting: I have a singer sewing machine i discovered at a goodwill a year ago, and it's been sitting in my closet. it looked old, and everything was half off that day so i grabbed it for 7 bucks. It had been forgotten until tonight, i did some research, and looked up the serial number and from what i understand it's from 1920-1921 ebay shows a similar model from about 10 years later goin for 400$ completely restored. The sad thing that this one is far from good shape, and in pretty poor condition, would love to know what it's worth though, I may have to take it to the local sewing shop and see what they have to say.

kinda looks like this one:

I'll post pictures of mine tomorrow, It's been a LONG day.

(Special thanks to: ,,

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Watchin those ebay pageviews climb...

Woke up this mornin, and thought, well my movies musta sold by now for a buncha money, time to rake in the profit. I was wrong. a total of 10 views, across all 8 vhs, now I know most of the bids happen within the last day, but I can't sit Idly by and have these items just sit here. Time to research some ways to promote my auctions.
So, to me the best option i have to promote my auction is to post links on forums related to the items i'm selling. I will spend a couple hours posting on disney, and other childhood education forums.

Couple hours later and i've posted a few links here and there, i've got a few more clicks, so its reassuring it gives me some results already, if anyone has any other ideas for promoting ebay auctions i'd be very interested in hearing them.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ten dollars and thirty days. AKA Project rumplestiltskin

Objective: To turn 10 dollars into more than 10 dollars within 30 days.

I began with my ten dollars, planning on an item with a low investment and a popular market. Some research in ebays pulse, and completed items section showed that disney and childhood education VHS will probably be my best bet. I wasted no time hightailing it to goodwill where i purchased 8 VHS for 10$:

Snow White and the 7 dwarves (masterpiece collection)
Dumbo (masterpiece collection)

I was only able to obtain 2 disney VHS  but they should be a great tool in determining their worth and viability.

Placed on ebay @: .99, Buy it now:4.99

Little Bear "Little Goblin Bear
Little Bear "Friends"

In my research I noticed that lots do better so I grabbed both of these hoping to
put them up as a 2-pack

Placed on ebay @: .99

Wizard of Oz

It's a classic, kind of a gamble, but if nothing else it will be something to learn from.

Placed on ebay @: .99, Buy it now:4.99

Muppet Christmas Carol

This was a good find in my opinion for two reasons, one: christmas is coming soon, and two: a muppet movie is coming soon, I believe that being sensitive to trends in pop culture/holidays etc. are good things to be aware of and sell similar items accordingly.

Placed on ebay @: .99, Buy it now:4.99

Muppets in Space

With the new muppet movie coming out, I believe people will be interested into introducing their kids to the muppets.

Placed on ebay @: .99, Buy it now:4.99

TV Teddy: Berenstain Bears

When I first grabbed this VHS It was just because I thought berenstain bears might sell, however when I later examined it to put on ebay i noticed it was for a toy called TV Teddy, which laughed and made comments when you watched it with the accompanying VHS. after some research, i don't think it gives it much more value, but from a broader standpoint similat items should be something to watch for.

Placed on ebay @: .99

Placed them all immediately on ebay (My Stuff) for a week auction as soon as i got home,
now nothin to do but wait and watch the cash roll in. ... ... Right?