Tuesday, November 29, 2011

bout 3 days left on auction, and some youtube links.

The time is counting down. only a few days now, till im a little bit richer.
was gonna try and promote my site a little bit tonight, however instead i think i'll focus on some on a resource available to a budding thrifter.

Youtube's a great community for finding, and learning from other thrifters, Some I've stumbled have had some incredible tips and ideas.

Heres a few:

Katie Patton 


Katie has tons and tons of great thrifting info, and some really good tips on making money. One great idea she mentioneed was hunting down brass bedframes to sell to scrapyards. She shares tons of really great  thrifting, and entrepeneurial ideas.



It's hard to say if he's crazy or genius or both,  Either way pretty informative across a broad range of topics, and at his best he's definately entertaining.

 What resources have you stumbled upon while crawling across the internet?

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