Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ten dollars and thirty days. AKA Project rumplestiltskin

Objective: To turn 10 dollars into more than 10 dollars within 30 days.

I began with my ten dollars, planning on an item with a low investment and a popular market. Some research in ebays pulse, and completed items section showed that disney and childhood education VHS will probably be my best bet. I wasted no time hightailing it to goodwill where i purchased 8 VHS for 10$:

Snow White and the 7 dwarves (masterpiece collection)
Dumbo (masterpiece collection)

I was only able to obtain 2 disney VHS  but they should be a great tool in determining their worth and viability.

Placed on ebay @: .99, Buy it now:4.99

Little Bear "Little Goblin Bear
Little Bear "Friends"

In my research I noticed that lots do better so I grabbed both of these hoping to
put them up as a 2-pack

Placed on ebay @: .99

Wizard of Oz

It's a classic, kind of a gamble, but if nothing else it will be something to learn from.

Placed on ebay @: .99, Buy it now:4.99

Muppet Christmas Carol

This was a good find in my opinion for two reasons, one: christmas is coming soon, and two: a muppet movie is coming soon, I believe that being sensitive to trends in pop culture/holidays etc. are good things to be aware of and sell similar items accordingly.

Placed on ebay @: .99, Buy it now:4.99

Muppets in Space

With the new muppet movie coming out, I believe people will be interested into introducing their kids to the muppets.

Placed on ebay @: .99, Buy it now:4.99

TV Teddy: Berenstain Bears

When I first grabbed this VHS It was just because I thought berenstain bears might sell, however when I later examined it to put on ebay i noticed it was for a toy called TV Teddy, which laughed and made comments when you watched it with the accompanying VHS. after some research, i don't think it gives it much more value, but from a broader standpoint similat items should be something to watch for.

Placed on ebay @: .99

Placed them all immediately on ebay (My Stuff) for a week auction as soon as i got home,
now nothin to do but wait and watch the cash roll in. ... ... Right?

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