Sunday, November 27, 2011

Watchin those ebay pageviews climb...

Woke up this mornin, and thought, well my movies musta sold by now for a buncha money, time to rake in the profit. I was wrong. a total of 10 views, across all 8 vhs, now I know most of the bids happen within the last day, but I can't sit Idly by and have these items just sit here. Time to research some ways to promote my auctions.
So, to me the best option i have to promote my auction is to post links on forums related to the items i'm selling. I will spend a couple hours posting on disney, and other childhood education forums.

Couple hours later and i've posted a few links here and there, i've got a few more clicks, so its reassuring it gives me some results already, if anyone has any other ideas for promoting ebay auctions i'd be very interested in hearing them.

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